this day-last year

In this 2 months, everything in my life was moving and changing so fast.
Now, I am sitting in at my uncle office, waiting for him to go to the airport.

I wondering, why I don’t feel any special/particular feeling??
even though I am going far far away again…

I promise my self notĀ  to worry nor to think too much about future.
Believe in Allah… just believe in Him and do my best.

No one know… -not even me-

After passed the immigration check point,
an old known feeling comes to me..
the feeling that I knew from the past…


I am sorry for having this feeling Yaa Allah, please guard and save me..

Gate D4, Soekarno Hatta



today’s learn:

Sabr is not remaining quite, an allowing anger build up inside you.
Sabr is to talk about what’s bothering without losing control of your emotion..
(ustadzĀ  nouman ali khan)

Hit the nail