be always on guard

be careful, be cautious
be always on guard,
we only see what we want to see,
we only listen what we want to hear,

I used to think, I believe what I see, but I think,
we only can see what we believe.

open our mind, and open our heart…
we will found what we looking for,
keep open our mind and open our heart,
the veil will open, and the truth will appear,

hope we are on the right side at that moment,
I remember a quote, but forgot who said it,

the things that we never heard, or never saw,
doesn’t mean it does not exist.

the things that we never did,
doesn’t mean no one do that

the things that different from what we did
doesn’t mean that’s wrong…

be wise…
listen before judge,
look everything closer, probably we will understand more,
and even if we cannot understand we still at least pay them a respect


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