Neoguri seafood Ramyun


Hello Siti Intan.

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Thank you for your interests in Nongshim noodles

E631 is Disodium inosinate derived from raw sugar.That means this ingredient is based on plants.If you have any more questions please don´t hesitate to contact us via this E-Mail!

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I posted this news on my facebook and got many comments from friends who live in Korea.

Neoguri ramyun is originally from Korea. In Korea, it can’t be consumed by Moslems since the ingredients list states pork is included. The product which is sold in Europe has the same package, flavour etc. but the ingredients list stated there is no pork or other meat included, except fish(of course).
hmmm, this news made me confuse and in doubt, therefore I ask them another question whether this product contains pork or not.. and here is the answer:

Hi Siti Intan!

I`ll expain you.

Neoguri sold in Korea contains pork.But we need to go through very complex process to export pork-contain food to oversea.(Because of Infection quarantine)

So we changed our recipe.

Neoguri in Europe doesn`t contain pork. But it tastes similar.

Is our answer enough for you?If you have any further question, please e-mail us again.

Thank you! have a great weekend!

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April mop, 2012




I felt like being tricked by myself,



keep on wanting something in the future,

seems like always running of something from the past…


where am I?


something that belong to me in the future is not mine, …now…

…nothing to worry…

live my life..




wedeww sudah lama tidak jumpa..

cuma bisa bilang hai.. 🙂
hallo blog apakabar..?
ko ga jawab?
ya sudah

senang bertemu lagi…
mudah mudahan setelah ini hubungan kita baik..

udah ya…


ya ya..




1 Maret 2012