useful person?

In my life, I only have a simple purpose, that I want to be useful person. I grow with a planted-quote in my head that better person is the one who are more have usefulness to other, and I agree with that,

future-life seems color-less when I only see myself inside.

Sometimes I feel it’s good enough to have that thought in my mind, until I realize, good thought won’t be useful, unless, it transform to good action, and, only do good actions won’t be enough to be a useful person, unless I wise enough, to do it in the right time and right situation.

in my mind

right and good are different,

right should objective and has absolute standard, while good is really subjective, and conditionally.

but in many occasion, right actions won’t be useful unless it’s good.

it only happen when we can choose the right action, for the right time, right place, right condition I called it wisdom.

wisdom is an ability to choose it , maybe 😀